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woman placing sticky notes on wall

Welcome to Small Biz Optimize - Where Expertise Meets Innovation

Small Biz Optimize is more than just a team; we are a powerhouse of ideas, experiences, and passion. Our goal is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to overcome any challenge. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and growth principles and strive to make your business dreams a reality.

Our Journey

It all began with a vision to bridge the gap between traditional business strategies and the digital world's limitless possibilities. Small Biz Optimize was born out of the need for a holistic approach to business development that encompasses marketing, digital solutions, print, and media. With over two decades of hands-on experience navigating both triumphs and trials, our founder, Alex Zar, set the stage for a consultancy that genuinely understands the ups and downs of business growth.

Our Management Team

Alex Zar: With a rich background spanning 25 years across various sectors, Alex embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. His journey through massive successes and educational failures has cemented his expertise in marketing, digital solutions, print, and media. Alex's leadership believes every business deserves to shine, regardless of size.

Raj Singh: Bringing over 13 years of experience in small business management and marketing, Raj specializes in breathing life into your brand through media, video production, and digital services. His creative vision and strategic approach to storytelling set our clients apart in the digital landscape.

Matty Lahijany: With an impressive trio of degrees in food science, medicine, and business development, Matty's 25-year journey through national and international projects has shaped a unique expertise in turning ideas into successful ventures. Her holistic view of business development and management ensures our strategies are practical and transformative.

Our Philosophy

At Small Biz Optimize, we firmly believe in the power of storytelling, the strength of communities, and the undeniable impact of strategic marketing. Our mission is simple: we aim to help your business thrive and succeed in this ever-changing digital world. Whether you're launching a new venture, seeking growth, or undergoing a transformative phase, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of modern business.

Our Services

From branding and design to digital marketing, SEO, content creation, and beyond, our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of today's businesses. We tailor our strategies to your unique story, ensuring that your brand reaches its target audience and resonates with them meaningfully.

Join Us on Your Journey

At Small Biz Optimize, your business is our passion. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us by your side. Let's turn your vision into a reality that meets the market's demands and exceeds your expectations.

Ready to elevate your business? Contact us today, and let's create something extraordinary together.

Our team is unparalleled in our expertise and diverse skill sets. With various talents, from graphic design to social media management, we are confident in delivering exceptional results.

portrait photography of man wearing black suit jacket
portrait photography of man wearing black suit jacket
Eaton Bryce

Brand Strategist

a woman in a suit and a necklace
a woman in a suit and a necklace
Lianne Wilson

Digital Marketing Strategist

man in black zip up jacket
man in black zip up jacket
Jaden Robertson

SEO Specialist

woman smiling wearing denim jacket
woman smiling wearing denim jacket
Jessica Kim

Content Creator

Our mission

Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized businesses to navigate and thrive in the digital era by providing comprehensive, innovative, customized marketing, digital solutions, and business development strategies. We are committed to fostering growth, enhancing visibility, and building enduring brands through a blend of expertise, creativity, and cutting-edge technology. Guided by our diverse team of seasoned professionals, our mission is to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring our clients succeed and lead in their respective industries.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the leading consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses seeking to navigate and thrive in the digital age. We envision a world where businesses, regardless of size or industry, have the tools, knowledge, and support they need to succeed in an ever-evolving market. By continuously embracing innovation, fostering creativity, and building lasting relationships with our clients, we strive to achieve their business goals and contribute to a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable business ecosystem.

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